8 May 2024

The Ever-Expanding AI Universe

Welcome to the next gen!

As far as the popular press is concerned, AI is still clickbait heaven for the paranoid. From poaching jobs, to suggestions of an imminent AI-led annihilation of all humankind, the headlines mostly trumpet warnings about the synthetic revolution.


Meanwhile, on Planet Reality there are very different conversations taking place. Far from masterminding the destruction of our species, AI is actually improving a whole bunch of stuff, from making rail travel safer, to detecting leaky pipes (seriously!). It’s also part of a new revolution – the evolution of no-code AI. This blossoming initiative is making it affordable for businesses lacking the greenbacks for a specialist team, to integrate it into customised systems.


Moving from small to big business, and we find that AI has become Amazon’s hot, new best friend. In 2019, the company launched its own proprietary AI model to reduce packaging waste. The result? Well, five years later on, AI is saving the e-commerce and tech emperor at least 500,000 tons of packaging a year, the equivalent weight of approx. 7,750 Boeing 737 aircraft.


So where is AI heading next?

AI is now one part of a double focus for tech mammoths Microsoft and Alphabet. Alongside cloud technologies, both companies are making Gen AI the main focus of a billion-dollar investment. We just can’t help ourselves when it comes to tech gossip, so we’re happy to help spill the beans on probably the worst kept secret in the industry – that’s right, Microsoft still relies on Bill Gates for its transformative AI initiative.


And no prizes for guessing why! Yep, the tech wizard’s brain is still pumping iron, making Microsoft and Gates an AI dream team in a game that’s projected to add ten trillion dollars to global GDP.


In fact, Gates and Microsoft aren’t the only potent combination that’s making us feel all hot under the collar. In an unbelievably exciting development, Sanctuary AI has just announced its own collaboration with Microsoft. The duo is apparently on “a mission” to create the world’s first human-like intelligence in general purpose, humanoid robots. In other words, they’re developing AI models for androids.


Brace yourselves for imminent, tech-shocker headlines!


Companies all over the globe are announcing AI initiatives and embedding the technology into productivity software, search engines, and cloud platforms. And this is just for starters. In a recent post for Forbes, industry specialist Izabela Lundberg underlined the importance of what she calls AI Evolution 3.0, a term she coined herself:


“AI Evolution 3.0 is derived from my research and work in this field, reflecting a new phase in AI development characterised by enhanced cognitive capabilities and greater ethical awareness in technology deployment. The 3.0 signifies a mature, third-generation evolution focusing on sustainable and responsible AI usage.”


Travelling further into the ever-expanding AI universe, Izabela’s advice for executive leaders is to embrace AI Evolution 3.0 as a tool for operational efficiency, and strategically for navigating today’s global market complexities. This new pathway marks a shift from using AI for specific tasks, to embedding it into the heart of strategic planning and the decision-making processes of organisations.


At the same time, however, Izabela warns that this integration of AI Evolution 3.0 into an organisation’s strategic framework requires executive leaders to predict “AI’s potential impacts on their industry and cultivate an agile, innovative and receptive organisational culture.”


So how do businesses successfully navigate the new AI highways?

The first stop is strategic alignment. Aligning AI initiatives with the organisation’s strategic goals ensures that AI usage contributes to long-term objectives.


Once these crystal clear objectives have been decided, the next focus is specialised recruitment and talent development. Having skilled people in place fosters inhouse training. This drives a culture of continuous learning, which is high-grade octane for an AI-driven future.


Next, we turn back to Izabela Lundberg, who recommends that ethical considerations are always given priority. She’s a firm believer that AI can be used in a way that protects privacy, and can be improved when bias and accountability are a concern. If this is taken care of, the integrity of AI applications grows, and faith in them surely follows.


The last recommendation is to nurture partnerships that support AI innovation. This could include alliances with startups, academic institutions and other organisations, which ensures that nobody is left behind as AI evolves.


Izabela signs off with a rallying call to businesses around the world:


“Our charge is clear: navigate the complexities of AI Evolution 3.0 with wisdom, harness its potential for transformative change and lead organisations into a future where AI amplifies human potential and drives sustainable growth. The era of AI Evolution 3.0 is upon us, and the time to act is now.”


So, now more than ever, the world needs a forward thinking and ethical AI workforce to control and adapt this powerful technology for the greater good.


Can you help AI to reach its full potential?

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