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Providing a casual dress, equal opportunities and a place to hone your skills. Our consultants’ out of office passion projects mean a lot to us. We’ve got budding musicians who regularly play local gigs, graphic designers with their own fashion brands, photographers and competitive gamers.


Offering quality recruitment solutions are at the heart of what we do, but it doesn’t hurt to have some fun along the way.


1. We’re working towards a more sustainable future.

Here’s how we’re already bringing sustainability within to our practices:

Over 95% of our staff cycle or walk to work, we’ve done this with help from our cycle to work scheme. We’re a phone first company, we try to use the printer as little as possible to keep our paper usage to a minimum. We’re keen to recycle any waste in our offices and the whole mustard team have open ears when it comes to bringing new sustainability practices to the office.


2. We like to give back to our community and support any crisis appeals where we can.

From bake sales to movember, our regular charity events are always intertwined with a bit of mustard fun be it decorating the office, dressing in certain colours and having a good chat to support real causes.

Photos of the mustard team, fundraising


3. Sports and Activities

Recruiters are a competitive bunch, so to encourage this we play Sports Day, Football, Pool Tournaments, Tennis, Rounders…

Some companies only reward good performance, but in order to perform at a high level you must have a strong, positive team spirit. To develop this we put on regular (non-performance based) activites to bring people together. These activities usually have a competitive edge to them because, well… We are recruiters, and recruiters love to win!

This year, our activities have included Bristol Treasure Hunt, Quiz Night, Rounders, It’s a Knockout, Race Night and Sports Day. It’s a Knockout



5. Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

We’ve put together a policy promote and maintain the mental health and wellbeing of all staff through workplace practices, and encourage staff to take responsibility for their own mental health and wellbeing.

mustard believes that the mental health and wellbeing of our staff is key to organisational success and sustainability.

mustard has multiple Level 3 qualified Mental Health First Aiders

What is the job of a Mental Health First Aider?

Mental Health First Aiders are trained to spot the early signs of mental ill-health in others. They are taught to confidently signpost someone to appropriate support, both internal and external, and they are equipped to deal with emergencies too – such as psychosis, thoughts of suicide, or attempted suicide. mustard want to ensure that all employees have access to a Mental First Aider whenever they may need. This can be via teams, mobile, email or approaching the First Aider directly.


We want our team to be happy, healthy and be able to grow with us, that’s why we offer a wide range of benefits to support our diverse team.

1. Career Progression

We always want our team to do their best. If you put the work in and get the results, we’ll provide the opportunity.

We have a structured progression route for our consultants and their experience upon entry to the business will help to determine their title. Their output and dedication to the role will determine the rest!


2. Commission

We offer a competitive commission structure, which includes the chance to earn up to 27% off billings as commission. We also offer new starters for 12 months, 10% on all new billings, they can change onto official structure at any point, this is a great option for new consultants as they can actually earn more commission on smaller deals this way.


3. Lunch Clubs & THE BIG ONE

we incentives staff to over achieve by offering….Lunch clubs, Half Year Trip, Weekly Incentives

Of course this is a sales job. So when you perform well you get rewarded. Our rewards come in all shapes and sizes.

Each month every consultant with over 3 months experience has a monthly revenue target, if you exceed this target by 110% or more you are off on Lunch Club! A Friday afternoon out of the office, food and drinks all on us. We visit only the best Bristol restaurants and enjoy each others company toasting to each others success.

The BIG One!- Each consultant is given an annual revenue target, if you reach or exceed this target you’d better have your passport ready! Reaching this target is no fluke, it takes hard work and dedication to the job, but if you make it then it’s time for a no expense spared trip away! Previous trips have included Dubai, Miami, Iceland, Marrakech, South Africa & Mexico! These trips are awash with fun, food, drinks, sights and activities!



4. Flexi-Lunch and Flexi-Hours:

At mustard, we understand that you know how you work best, so if you’re an early bird you can start at our earliest flexi-hour option, or if you need that extra time in bed, then our 9am start might be best for you.

Our flexi-hour slots are:

We also provide a flexi-lunch:

12.30-1.30 or 1-2pm

But for our more experienced staff (Talent Partner+) we offer one day a week from home, we like to keep these to specific days so that we can generally keep track of where are staff are for any meetings.

We like to enjoy our team culture so we try to keep things in the office to maintain the vibrancy of our office. For our new additions, being in the office is vital for our training programme.

We offer competitive holiday and your birthday off!


5. Wellbeing

We understand that to get the best work out of our team, we need to support them beyond their careers. So we’ve implemented a strategy to support the mustard family with their physical and mental wellbeing. After six-months at the business, we’ll enroll you into Heka, with a monthly allowance which can go towards your gym membership or anything food, fun, and wellbeing related.

This provides you with the opportunity to focus on yourself.

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From the team:

There is a positive and uplifting atmosphere in the office, which always makes me happy to come in, rain or shine. The office dogs, coffee station and football table also allow five minutes of me-time when needed. Before joining the FX Desk at mustard, I worked in Television and Broadcast, so it was a nice transition to the FX Team. I felt my knowledge and interests helped me a lot when finding my feet. The training process at mustard took me from knowing nothing about recruitment, to feeling confident and ready to go! An understanding approach made asking questions easy, and I never felt overwhelmed. I now feel confident walking into a room full of clients, and pitching to them. This kind of experience gained is essential in the world of business and I feel grateful to have experienced this in such a short space of time. Due to my efforts, I have managed to go on a lunch club – which was amazing. I have also won prizes, such as cinema tickets and £50 in a coin flip – which was very exciting! – Tegan Parsons, mustard FX

Tegan Parsons


Even though I don’t work in the recruitment part of the office, I work in Contractor Care/Finance where all the good things happen 😊 There’s a lot to say about mustard …. They treat you like a person, not an employee. That’s reflected in the benefits and how management approaches employees. They are always there when you need help, whether that’s training or if you just need support. The office environment is fun and expansive. It is a very challenging company due to the pace and something new around every corner, which is awesome. If you apply yourself, you go somewhere and that’s what management in this company has taught me. All in all, mustard has made me grow as a person and I know I am in the right place because I walk out every day knowing I have achieved my very best! Few people say this but ‘I love my job’. – Ebony Bates, Contractor Care

Ebony Bates


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