We prefer to keep things simple at mustard.

So let’s make it clear…

We can help you find the role you’re looking for. In the sector you want. And we’ll only ever put the right opportunities your way. That’s how we keep things simple…

“We have had a successful long term relationship with mustard as they have spent the time to get to know our practice. They understand our culture, our projects and our clients. As a result, they offer the right type of candidate to hopefully thrive at EPR Architects.”


“The staff at mustard seem to understand the type of architects and designers we are looking for, better than any other agency. We need a recruitment agent who is aware of our ethos, who is familiar with the design and construction process, and who understands how this relates to the stages of development contained within the RIBA plan of work. It is clear to us that mustard has a better understanding of our needs than many of their competitors and their candidate assessment and filtration process is the best. Except in emergencies, we tend not to take on contract or temporary staff and so we are very fussy about finding the right people. We are looking for individuals who have the potential to grow and develop within our practice in the longer term and so it is not unusual for us to interview between 8 and 10 candidates for a single vacancy. mustard helps us to consolidate this process by pre-selecting the highest quality CVs. They also have the capacity to think laterally, sending us the occasional ‘curved ball’ candidate, who turns out to be an unexpected success. We have worked with mustard for a long time now and we really appreciate their responsiveness and efficiency, working towards achieving our recruitment objectives with the minimum of fuss. “


“Our industry talks about about partnerships – we want to partner with our clients, we want to partner with our service providers, we want to move the conversation beyond the transactional to have a real sense of each others businesses and how we can work together to a common goal. The ditto and mustard story is a perfect example of partnership in practice. We each invested the time to get to know each others business, our work and our objectives. mustard have never let us down. We deliver in the most demanding of markets, for the most demanding of clients. That’s a privilege we have worked hard to get to over the past ten years of our practice, and mustard helps us achieve that and remain there. 5 star recommendation.”

A repeat buyer