14 December 2023

Dezeen Interior Design Award Winners 2023

A Showcase of the Best in International Interior Design

London recently morphed into Paris Fashion Week, when the world of design flocked to 2023’s Dezeen Awards. This year’s hotly-anticipated international awards ceremony announced 50 winners in a variety of categories. These showcase the world’s top-tier architecture, interiors, design and sustainability projects, and place a well-earned spotlight on the studios, as well as the individual architects and designers responsible for their standout projects.

This year all of us at mustard ID are zeroing in on our favourite Dezeen Interior Design Award winners of 2023, so sit back and enjoy the beautiful ride.


Interior designer of the year 2023

The big round of applause goes to Milan-based Patricia Urquiola. With projects as diverse as industrial product design, architecture, art direction and strategic consultancy, Studio Urquiola is one to keep a serious eye on.

Recent projects include a collection of outdoor rugs inspired by the texture of woolly jumpers, and a flagship showroom for Italian furniture brand Moroso in New York.

Platinum-grade clients include Louis Vuitton, Agape, B&B Italia, Boffi, De Padova, Flos, Kettal, and Kvadrat.

The judges were blown away by how the studio “demonstrated a sensitive response to both contemporary and heritage environments while adding Urquiola’s signature colour contradictions, rich textures, flourishes of greenery and a strong dialogue between craft and the industrial.”


Health and wellbeing interior of the year 2023

Studio Author took home the prize for their stunning work on the exclusive dental practice Paste in Toronto, Canada.

This boutique, ultra-modern healthcare space takes a luxury, hospitality-inspired approach to wellness. Situated in Toronto’s vibrant fashion and entertainment neighbourhood, the practice needed to stand out from the crowd.


Studio Author embraced the project, and referenced the local luxury hotel lounges in Paste’s rich finishes and through thoughtful space planning. A palette of warm burl-woods, mixed coloured marbles and plush mohair lobby walls sets Paste apart with an immersive and welcoming environment.

The judges loved how the “high-tech dental practice changes the everyday perception of a healthcare space. The studio took a risk and proved that you can make healthcare warmer and welcoming, and put patients at ease.”


Home interior of the year 2023

Paris-based Studio Asaï designed and developed the Tembo Tembo Lodge in Hazyview, South Africa.

A few minutes from the Kruger National Park, Tembo Tembo Lodge was developed in collaboration with a South African team. The designers took inspiration from the southern African bush landscape, including such eclectic sources as termite nests and the natural dolmens of Kruger Park.

The building also sets a gold standard for sustainability within fragile ecosystems – erected in rammed earth derived from its foundations and surroundings, Tembo Tembo Lodge has a minimal natural impact.

Interior communal spaces are roughly decorated, and open out to the exterior, maximising the connection with nature. In contrast, the private spaces incorporate more detail, creating a neo-riff on a safari camp.

The judges were extremely impressed by the “variety of locally sourced materials and the humility of the surrounding natural environment [making] this a wonderful example of a luxury home for a traditional family.”


Restaurant and bar interior of the year 2023

ODAmx and Ruben Valdez Practice together created a unique restaurant experience within the walls of Xokol in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The Ruben Valdez Practice promises that this is a place “in which the act of eating becomes a collective ritual.”

The building’s architecture is a reinterpretation of the Mexican Mazahua people’s culinary traditions. Inside, an unconventional and beautiful combination of Mexican and European design allows Xokol to offer a communal dining experience “in which the boundaries between diners, staff and food preparation are non-existent.”

The judges’ decision came down to how “Xocol understands the place where it lives and the importance of designing in a specific way for a specific location. The result of this understanding is deep and poetic.”

This is just a small selection, but if you want to see more, here’s the full list of winners.


And before we go, our sister-division mustard BE had a quick word in our ear – they’d like us to also point you towards the standout winners in Dezeen’s architectural categories. Tune in here to find out which architects and buildings kidnapped the judges’ hearts this year.

After perusing this showcase of the best in international interior design, do you think you can add to it? You can? Great – because our brilliant mustard ID team has head-turning job opportunities for the most creative candidates. So, why not give us a call! Our telephone hotline is 0117 929 6060.


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