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The mustard "Ryder Cup of Pool"


The mustard Bristol office had their inaugural pool tournament and our resident “scribe” Joe Bungey penned this rather detailed match report…….
Our day job is recruiting the best Creative, Architectural and Design staff across the globe……. The rest of the time we are pool playing legends!
Enjoy an overview of our night!
"The Inaugural mustard Ryder Cup of Pool – 04/10/2018
The date was set, the teams confirmed, the venue agreed. It was to be a tournament like none before it. Europe vs USA in the Inaugural mustard Ryder Cup of Pool. Anticipation took hold of the nation. The press were camped outside Europe captain Prophet’s Westbury-on-Trym mansion, desperate for an inside scoop on tactical decisions. They hounded him daily, shouting questions such as “Ian, who are you putting in the first pairings?”, “Can Team Europe live up to expectations?” and “How will you deal with the huge egos of Team USA?”.
After a seemingly endless wait, the day itself finally arrived. Team USA arrived early at the venue in casual attire, and were blown away when only moments later Team Europe strolled in past crowds of adoring fans clad entirely in tailored European blue shirts designed by Alexander McQueen, with each of their names emblazoned onto the crests. Team USA were instantly on the back foot and morale in Europe was high going into the opening frames.
In the opening Fourballs, Europe took an early lead. Ferguson and Bungey cleared up in straight frames against a lacklustre Harvey and Strickland, whilst Knock and Perks had to fight back to win an important early point after losing the opening frame to a Newman and Howell partnership who played well. The captains’ match was a walkover for Europe, with Prophet showing incredible skill, leaving Browne and Team USA reeling after having gone 3-0 down so quickly.
Momentum was very much with Europe going into the Foursomes and Prophet soon struck again, dispatching the red-faced Harvey and Howell with ease, supported well by Knock. A very close and well fought match on the other table soon saw yet another victory for team Europe, with dream partnership of Dixon-Barrow and Bungey keeping their cool against Newman and Rogers. Rogers unique cueing action was a talking point.
Europe were 5-0 to the good going into the final Foursomes match-up which saw Perks and Ferguson take on the wounded Captain America himself, Browne, and partner Strickland. Pulling back some level of respectability, Browne managed to hold his nerve and claim Team USA’s first point. An out of form Ferguson hit a few wayward shots in the match, at one point sending the white ball careering off the table and into the eye of a spectator. Sources say she has lost sight in the eye and will be pressing charges, further on this to follow.
Going into the singles the score stood at 5-1 and with 7 points required for the overall win, Europe sensed their win was imminent. However, the stubborn yanks wouldn’t concede easily and Rogers awkwardly cued his way past a valiant Knock to take the first singles point. 5-2. On the other table, crowd favourite Dixon-Barrow was matched up against Strickland. In a tense affair, Europe came off on top taking the total to 6-2 with 4 points left.
Ferguson stepped up to the table to face Newman in the clincher. After an intense and even match, it all came down to the black. Ferguson had the trophy in his sights. The crowd went deathly silent and you could feel the tension in the room as he stooped over the table and lined up the pot. Almost in slow motion, he followed through and the black dropped in.
The crowd erupted into cheers, team Europe rejoiced, USA were inconsolable and Browne and Harvey demanded redemption. Some say that Newman cried a single tear. The remaining games were played and the whitewash was complete with a final score of 9-3 in Europe’s favour. After signing autographs and dealing with the press, Prophet and team Europe celebrated long into the night. A memorable night. A blue night."



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