Is it time to say goodbye to the Big Smoke?


Location, Location, Location - Is London really the one for you?

With recent figures showing London suffered a net loss of 106,620 people to other parts of the UK in 2017, it’s no surprise that we are speaking to more and more candidates who are looking to relocate. So why are people now making the jump? Where are they going? Is it actually possible to commute to work without clambering into a sweaty underground sea of elbows and body odour? Here is some brief insight into why people are contacting me to make the jump, as well as some information on how we can help make it a smoother process for you….
House prices and the cost of living. They keep soaring, and although salaries are often higher, there is still a growing gap between the average monthly income & general living costs in London. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and if you have been, congratulations on affording the monthly re-payments) you will already be aware of the rising house prices. According to the Land Registry the average rent is £2,798 per month, while the average home costs an eye-watering £476,752 and would require a £70,000 deposit to get you on the property ladder. The thought of starting a family may be on the cards, but it is often daunting when you are a sharing a one bedroom flat with 5 other people.  

How can mustard help? It’s a full-time job just looking for a job, especially with the logistics of a relocation on top, and even more so when you may not be so familiar with the market you are moving in to. That’s where we come in. mustard are a specialist creative recruitment agency and as such we have links with some of the best agencies, practices and studios in most of the major cities across the UK. We recruit across architecture, interior design, graphics and digital design. We can talk through your recent experience, motivations for making a move and any preferred locations. We can use our specialist knowledge of job markets across the UK to advise you in terms of demand and salary guidelines. When you’re ready to get started we can work with you to introduce you to our clients outside of London which include AJ100 firms, top agencies, multidisciplinary consultancies, developers, contractors, in house brands and private practices. We can also streamline the interview process to arrange multiple meetings to happen over the course of 1 or 2 days to minimise your travel.
Need some location inspiration? Keep your eyes peeled for our posts over the next few weeks highlighting what some of the major cities outside the M25 have to offer, as well as testimonials from Architects and designers who mustard have recently helped relocate.
This blog has been pulled together by Emily Baber who is the consultant covering all permanent roles across the North East and West of the UK in the Architectural sector. Emily has a host of live opportunities with high quality firms most of which are very receptive to candidates who have cut their teeth within London based practices. All contact is completely confidential, and most people are surprised by the salaries & benefits packages on offer.
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