Phil heads to Gensler to talk 'Human Centric' workplace design.


Future of Work

Senior Consultant Phil Boshier heads to Gensler's Off Base event on 'Human Centric' workplace design.

On May 10th Phil, mustard’s Senior Consultant for Workplace Interiors headed to Gensler’s Off Base event ‘The Future of_Work – The Whole You’.

An event attended by people working across the design and delivery of workspaces in the UK. Contractors, furniture suppliers, strategists, psychologists, consultants and many others, all took up this excellent opportunity to discuss ‘human centric design’ and how the workspaces we work in can be designed to consider the needs of the people using them.

Beginning the day with the selection of fruit, pastries, teas, coffee & water on offer for breakfast (little did we know this was the first small experiment*) the discussions were kicked off by Amanda Baldwin, Senior Associate and Co Leader of the UK Professional Service Firm Practice area for Gensler. Throughout the next half an hour we heard from members of Gensler’s workplace Strategy Team on a range of subjects from the stigma now attached to staff taking sick days, how an environment can be on a scale from welcoming to scary, and how all of this affects the psychological wellbeing of workers.


Breaking into groups we were invited to join in discussions on a variety of questions. Firstly, ‘How do we achieve balance when work and life continue to blend?’ an interesting point when you cannot always distinguish where your work day begins and where it ends or who does your commuting time belong to; Your employer, your clients, your family or you? 
Working around 2 more questions ‘How can we help create connectiveness in out communities’ and ‘What are the contributors to achieving your health goals’ the discussions always came back to how the place in which you work, will have a huge impact on you at work and away from it.


So, how can Gensler and others produce workplaces which work for everybody?  
A question too big to answer in just 3 hours, but one Gensler will try and answer by the end of their Off Base series of talks which continues June 7th @ 1730 with ‘The Future of_Work – Digital right to the workplace’.

*by the end of the morning there were only pastries left, so apparently, we passed our early experiment.

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