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GDPR...It's kind of a big deal!


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A brief overview of our thoughts on the introduction of the new GDPR legislation and how it affects recruiters.

Have the goalposts just moved to another field?
GDPR is probably in your inbox all the time at the moment and you are probably getting emails from lots of firms asking if you are happy for them to retain your data. You may not have any idea what it is actually about and the more you read the more confusing it becomes.
The simplest way of looking at it is that it makes it clear that you have rights when it comes to what people can and can not do with your data. I am not going to say it puts control back in your hands as it was always there, the problem was a lack of clarity about how you can change your consensual status.
For this blog post we only look at it from the perspective of us being a specialist recruitment consultancy. 
We process (hold) data for the purposes of both finding people appropriate employment and finding appropriate people for company’s vacancies. Both of these can be speculative in nature as you may imagine not every candidate on a company database or a Jobs Board, like CV library, is looking for a new job all of the time. Meaning that the retention of this data is perfectly legitimate whether you are or are not looking for work, or in a hiring capacity looking for new staff, at any particular time.
So what difference does GDPR make to you? And what action might be advisable now?
Well, if you are or have been looking for a new position in the past few years I would suggest you have a little think about where your CV & portfolio have either been sent or saved. 
This could include, but is not limited to:
  • Recruitment Agencies e.g. mustard
  • Job Boards e.g. monster/CV Library
  • Direct applications e.g. Any company you applied to via an advert or speculative approach
This list could be really long, or it may only have 1 or 2 on it but it is good to have an idea about where YOUR details are. From this list you can then make a point of contacting and asking about what they hold which also gives you the opportunity to update your details and change your status. Like “Yes you may contact me about future opportunities” or not as the case may be.
At mustard we are responsible recruiters and have always held the principle of ‘explicit consent’ close to our heart. If you have ever been sent to an opportunity via mustard then you have been spoken to about the company, the location, the vacancy and agreed to it! It’s as simple as that. We also believe that it is important to highlight this to the clients we recruit for. If you get a CV from mustard you can rest assured that the candidate is fully aware of you, your firm and the role... not only that but they have given consent for their CV to be sent to you. Sadly, this isn’t always the case with every recruiter.
mustard has an updated privacy policy, to take in to consideration the new GDPR laws, which you can find on the website
If you have any questions, then either call our Bristol headquarters on 0117 929 6060 or email


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