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mustard were at the Architect of the Year Awards this week as sponsors of Young Architect of the Year!
Location: Westminster Park Plaza = Cracking location & Venue
Host: Judith Chalmers son or Mark Durden-Smith, if you know your rugby on TV or even the I’m a celebrity extra programs or other daytime TV stuff. 
Band:  = utterly amazing.
Well, after a year or so of planning that came and went very quickly indeed… Whilst the awards are in their 15th year mustard have been involved for the last 5 years it was a great pleasure to sponsor the Young Architect of the Year Award again. 
The YAYA is open to any fully qualified Architects who have been practicing for less than 12 years…. Across the whole of the European Union! Not sure how this will pan out next year though.
The nominees for the 2018 award were:
  • Architecture for London
  • Clancy Moore
  • Daykin Marshall Studio
  • Group Ginger
  • Gruff
  • Platform 5 Architects
  • Richard Bell Architecture
  • Ruff Architects
All offered interesting ideas, schemes and a varied approach to the world of Architecture and it was wonderful to both support and award the winner which was Clancy Moore Architects. You can find out more at 

mustard Director Dave Madden was on hand to give out the award!

Part of the joy of sponsorship is also to give a bit back to the industry that we work in. Having a table of clients to say thanks to for a year of relationship building and partnering through the challenges of recruitment in the ever-decreasing pool of available talent. We also entertained clients on our table that actually used to work together and haven’t seen each other for years…. We count that as another win!
Everyone wants to be award winning and like any good thing once you have tasted it you only want more! If you haven’t entered in the past I implore you to have a look for next year. It doesn’t matter if you have a thousand staff or just starting out on your own then please do keep your eyes on the BD and to enter next year.

Here are all the winners enjoying their moment of glory.

Obviously there are other awards out there and in recent years we have been very happy to be involved with the #FXAwards #EventAwards and the #designweekawards
For further info or to put your name in the hat for a invite next year do get in touch.

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