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mustard partners with KnowledgeSmart


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mustard partners with KnowledgeSmart to assess a candidates software ability but what ever you do......don’t call it a test!

So, what is it if it isn’t a test? It’s an assessment of skills within a particular piece of CAD software. It also assess the ability to read and understand a question.
For a couple of years now mustard have offered this tool to a number of key clients to help with both the understanding of their current staff but importantly how to assess potential employees.
Whilst it will never be finished, because software is constantly evolving, it is an excellent way of benchmarking across your whole business. It doesn’t matter if you are using the latest version of REVIT for Architecture and want to understand the level of skills of your current users or if you would really like to understand a potential employee’s level before or after interview. 
mustard have worked with KnowledgeSmart for a long time and can whole heartedly recommend not only the product but the service that they provide… some of our clients say that it is an invaluable tool in understanding the training requirements of the current team.
So, what is it good for?
  • Compare job candidates with intelligent metrics
  • Identify Job-related development needs
  • Support continuous Improvement and increase job satisfaction
  • Prove ROI on any training interventions

What isn’t it good for?
  • A standalone tool to test a user without understanding the results, possible training requirements and also the current level of skill in the employer’s firm

It’s mainly used for our Architecture clients here at mustard but we are talking more and more to Interior Designers, Landscape Architects and Structural & Civil Engineers who are keen to utilise this tool. It is also incredibly simple to use as it is an online tool that works across all browsers and devices. Just think of commonly used piece of software and the likelihood is that they can assess it... Revit, AutoCAD, Microstation or even BIM Level 2 Assessments 
For more information on how mustard and KnowledgeSmart can help you better understand your CAD using team and improve your recruitment then give me a call on either 0203 587 7730 or 0117 929 6060 or email me using ‘Don’t call it a test’ as the subject. 

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