mustard directorships Announced


Hannah Ryan

It’s been an interesting ride so far in the history of mustard but we have always had a plan to grow. This is to serve both our clients and the employees of mustard itself. It is now  with great pleasure that we can announce that Jack Cowling and Oliver Li have become full directors at mustard.
Founding Director Peter Browne says “Jack was the 1
st employee at mustard in 2010 so it is very special that someone can come on board and 7 years later become a full equity Director of our UK business. The business has changed exponentially since Jack joined us and he has been a massive part of that, so this is great reward for his hard work.”
Oli came on board to mustard in Hong Kong 2 years ago; his constant enthusiasm and commitment to the mustard cause meant that Oli jumping on board as a Director of our Hong Kong business was a natural progression.
Dave Madden also a founding Director of mustard says “Oli leads a great team in Hong Kong, he has a great network and we are excited about the growth of mustard in the region. Oli will be instrumental in this and so becoming our Director in the region will not only benefit Oli but our business as a whole”

This is an exciting time for mustard and the founders are looking forward to challenging others in the business to follow Jack and Oli’s footsteps. For now, from all of us in the company, we want to congratulate and wish Oli and Jack well on their much-deserved promotions. 

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