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Every week at mustard we will give you the latest news on architecture in all of the countries we have office's in, here is this weeks!

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9-th 16th Dec


With the anticipation of the latest Star War film Rouge One high, merchandise are flying off the shelves and tickets are selling fast for the cinema. For one man, this was simply not enough – building himself a life sized Star War model in his back garden!

Engineer Colin Furze celebrated the return of the franchise in style and produce a model of AT – ACT also known as Rogue One in the Prequel. Including buttons that trigger a ladder inviting people into a playhouse which is built inside. Pretty cool right? Even cooler that when he finished the amazing model he gave this bad boy away to two lucky children.

You can see more pictures and information on the incredible creation by ‘Batman on a budget’ here:

The Chinese University of Hong Kong explores how traditional materials can be combined with digital fabrication, using bamboo poles and translucent fibres.

Showcased at events, exhibitions and performances – the ZCB Bamboo Pavilion was born.

The structure won Small Project of the Year 2016 at World Architecture Festival in Berlin at the start of the year, exploring the traditional bamboo scaffolding construction consisting of intersecting poles and white tensile fabric.

"The ZCB Bamboo Pavilion showcases this and illustrates how the endangered craftsmanship of bamboo scaffolding construction in Hong Kong can be expanded through the introduction of digital form-finding and real-time physics simulation tools."

More on the amazing construction here:


Darling Harbour in Sydney welcomes Hassell and Populous design: The International Convention Centre (ICC).

The 250,000 square metre development costing over blog_post_details.5 billion has a theatre, exhibition and convention centre.

. “The ICC theatre’s layered mesh facade wraps the entire volume of the auditorium to create a unique and memorable venue, with the vibrant red foyer areas glowing in the evening,” reads Hassell and Populous’s design statement.
Permanent: Senior Architect

Consultant: Andrew Watkins - 0117 284 0070 /

A highly respected, global multi-disciplinary are expanding their UK operations including growth to their Birmingham office, and to start this off they are currently looking for a Senior Architect to tackle the continuously increasing workload.
Reporting straight to the Head of Architecture you will be taking the lead on the Process Architecture portfolio which is made up of Pharmaceutical, Laboratory and Highly Serviced Buildings. It offers the chance to work on both entirely new build schemes, as well as refurbishments to already established sites. Projects range from £40 million up to £60 million in value, with live projects including Animal Health Facilities and Food Production & Distribution. AutoCAD is an essential software and Revit would be advantageous.
This company offers an excellent environment to work in, implementing accurate timeframes on the delivery of projects early on, allowing you to work meticulously to an outstanding standard. Exposure to the range of disciplines available within this role also means progression, not just in architecture, but into Design or Project Management and plenty more. They provide support wherever you want to take your career.
As a Senior Architect you can expect to in the region of £40,000 to £45,000 plus an attractive package including pension contribution. This would be based on previous experience and ability.
To confidentially discuss this outstanding opportunity, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Andrew Watkins on the details above.

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