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Every week at mustard we will give you the latest news on Creative in all of the countries we have office's in, here is this weeks!

Weekly Round Up
7th – 14th Dec

Hong Kong: A thriving street art scene - full of creativity and uniqueness -  is at the risk of their art scene selling out.
There has been an injection of street art in recent years for Hong Kong as areas are blessed with, muralism, street art and graffiti – the idea that a single ideology could create a new world: the beginning of modernism.  

“When it’s done right, street art is not just decoration to make a city mor ecute or more colourful. We must make a city more interesting,” an Artist from HK says, “and touch someone on a deeper level, to make them think. It’s about changing the environment you exist in.”

Due to the rise and fall of bamboo scaffolding many buildings are being replaced, after only 30 years of construction. Street artists from all over the world have come to make their mark on Hong Kong and these beautiful unique additions are at risk of being torn down – leaving dull surroundings behind.

This article written by a contributer for artsy magazine touches on street art not just in Hon Kong but internationally and it’s positive impact on us, worth a read.

Another weekly round-up, another Christmas post and long will I continue until the festive season is well and truly over (sob).

We’ve seen some wonderful Christmas adverts. decorations and whilst all fantastic most are typically conventional. So, lets look at some of the unconventional trees that you can find dotted around London.

Based in London’s King Cross we have a Christmas tree on ice, courtesy of British artist Alex Chinneck. Seven metres tall and situated just behind the train station, the tree is paced into a two tonne block of resin to give the impression of an ice cube. It has been dubbed as ‘truly spectacular’ and you can see for yourself until the 6th Jan next year.

You can have a gander on some other immersive and creative Christmas tree designs here:


Artist Leo Villareal and architecture firm Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands shone (sorry) through with their design to permanently light up London’s River Thames.

Beating over 105 entries across 20 countries this collaboration won the Illuminated River International Design Competition which was announced earlier in the week, they will see their design become a lasting fixture in London’s architecture and will be seen by all strolling across Chelsea Bridge at night.

The concept is well considered in terms of environment, energy conservation and lighting levels which created the winning formula for the judges.

The work will begin at the beginning of 2017, honing the idea and developing the design with the help of partners, stakeholders and the public.

It’s that time of the year again which prompts you to clear your storage...IPhone update. IOS 10 is here and as part of its update Apple have treated us to a whole new selection of emoji designs.

Amongst the collection we have - hand movements, black hearts, a butterfly and arguably the most important one of all, 2016’s animal of the year: Harambe!

I personally am an avid emoji user, so an update is a winner for me however IPhone and IPad users have complained that there are a number of issues that need fixing before we get our own Harambe emoji (how dare they) like battery life and usage.

What do you think, what comes first updates that are impractical or impractical?


Permanent: Motion Graphic/Projection Mapping Designer - £80k

Consultant: Rob Hart  - /  02035877769

One of London's coolest and most sort after design agencies is after an Impressive Motion Graphic and Projection Mapping Designer!
This studio has certainly pumped out some great work with in the retail and fashion world!

Some boxes you will need to tick..
ü  You will need to have managed a team before
ü  Must use After Effects and Cinema 4D
ü  Retail Experience is a MASSIVE plus as well as Projection Mapping!!!
ü  A very impressive and clean show-reel

The rest you will need to give me a call and find out as this is a confidential role!
Salaries will go up to £80k for the right person.
If you think that you tick all the boxes, then please send me your CV and portfolio to the details above.
Only successful candidates will be contacted and should be able to work in the UK!

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