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Every week at mustard we will give you the latest news on architecture in all of the countries we have office's in, here is this weeks!

2nd - 9th Dec


Accenture Interactive studios are looking to expand more than 40,000 square feet over two floors; based in Hong Kong’s Quarry Bay district it is home to many creative spaces from the likes of Accenture Interactive, Fjord and Pacific Link.

Interactive? This includes vending machines analysing skin health, live streaming, and retail spaces. The aim is to help clients understand their needs and experience technology in a way that will be experienced by their customers.

Seems pretty cool if you ask us, more on the studio here:


Sky Central: the companies 13 hectare campus – the design worked on by L A and PLP Architecture.

The company houses over 3,500 employees in their three storey building which brings together all of Sky’s corporate and creative sections.

The building will consist of large mezzanine floors which will project over the atrium and all to be open planned:  "The design embraces the simplicity of the industrial shed, the roots of the campus's context, and defines a new model for the industry's fast-paced and evolving future,"

Based inside London’s science museum, a mathematics gallery has now opened thanks to Zaha Hadid Architects – featuring a wide spread over over 100 pieces from engineering, science and all things under the mathematics umbrella. The aim is to showcase just how much maths is involved in everyone’s life.  

from a beautiful 17th century islamic astrolabe that uses ancient mathematical techniques to map the night sky, to an early example of the famous enigma machine, designed to resist even the most advanced mathematical techniques for code breaking during the second world war, each historic object within the gallery has an important story to tell,’explains ZHA

The space marks the first permanent project in the UK since Zaha Hadid’s passing earlier this year – its definitely a gallery worth visiting.  

More on the gallery and where to find it here:

Permanent: BIM Level 2 - Architect or Architectural Technologist
Consultant: Andrew Watkins: 0117 284 0070 /

A commercially focused architects practice in Leicester are incredibly busy and are seeking an Architect or Architectural Technologist who is already experienced in delivering BIM Level 2 compliance within the education or other public sector projects.

The practice has a plentiful workload of education framework across the country coming up, based on the need for more primary and secondary schools, as the population rises. Right now they are upskilling current staff through development & training to ensure the team are well equipped with the knowledge to deliver compliant BIM Level 2 projects. The primary goal of this appointment is to bring in live experience of delivering BIM Level 2 projects, which is why the opportunity is available to Architects and Architectural Technologists with a solid understanding of the UK construction industry and how buildings go together, likely from 2-3 years or more of post qualified experience.

Finally, the practice has chosen Revit software to deliver BIM projects and the successful candidate will need to demonstrate proficiency in this role.
The practices progression and personal development of each member of staff is second to none, and offer the opportunity to become a partner of the company to every employee that wants to achieve this. There are four reviews carried out with every member of staff each year to determine your targets & performance, and where you are within the business, exceeding on your performance could even result in tremendous boosts in your earnings. If you want to excel, then they will reward.

They offer a flexible environment and listen to each of their staff when it comes to ideas that might drive them forward and ultimately make them better and stronger.
Joining this brilliant outfit will see you earning in the region of £36,000 and will be dependant on your experience and ability. If you would like to be considered for this position, please don’t hesitate to contact Andrew Watkins on the details above. 

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