Best Interior Design Blogs to Follow in 2021


Although I am new to the interiors team here at mustard, I have always been passionate about interior design. I have never been the creative type, but I love admiring and learning about residential interiors and coming from a retail background I am interested in different types of store design and visual merchandising too. Almost everywhere you look on the internet there is interior design inspiration to be had. It can be hard to know where to begin! Because of this, I would like to share with you 3 of my favourite interior design blogs that showcase some of the most amazing innovation and creativity within the residential industry.

All Sorts Of

Firstly, is All Sorts Of which is the new blogging venture for Amber Lewis containing some amazing expert advice, behind-the-scenes of her design process and interviews with some other inspiring designers. Amber’s L.A.-Based Design Studio, Amber Interiors, creates some beautiful residential interiors and pioneers the white-wall, laid back California aesthetic. They design beautiful light-filled rooms with colourful textiles and natural elements, all of which have an Amber Interiors touch which is easily distinguishable. Her blog is fantastic for trend scouting, designer spotlights and showcases some great before and after stories which are sure to fill you with inspiration.

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The Design Sheppard

Next is The Design Sheppard which is written by Stacey Sheppard and over the years has been consistently ranked as one of the best interior design blogs in the UK! It is no wonder why as the blog is full of incredible suggestions for décor, flooring, colour schemes and more. As well as some interview pieces with some renowned designers. Her most recent blog “How to decorate like a millionaire” there are some amazing tips on how to make your home look super luxurious without the price tag!

Hannah Trickett 

Finally, is Hannah Tricket’s blog. Hannah has 10 years’ experience within the interior design industry and started her blog to share her passion and styling advice with others. Hannah is half Danish so has naturally found herself being directed to more Scandinavian and Nordic designs which I love. She does a fantastic job of executing the simplistic and minimal aspects of these design styles. Hannah also discusses the importance of having personal and tranquil spaces that people are comfortable in and the role this can play on our well-being in one of her blog posts titled “The importance of rest and a tranquil space”. This was an eye-opening and inspiring read as she opens up about some of the personal experience in life that has made her appreciate this.

This blog was written by Imogen Duncan, Recruitment Consultant - mustard ID. Imogen covers all things Retail, Hospitality and Residential Interiors at mustard so whether you are a client or a candidate she would love to speak with you! Contact details are 0117 284 0081 or


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