Starting a job in a Global Pandemic


Despite what the title may imply, I promise you this blog isn't all doom and gloom. For my first blog here at mustard I thought I'd talk about starting my career here and my experience so far.

Like several people, I lost my previous role at the start of the pandemic when companies weren't sure about the support that would be available. I had gone from studying a maths degree to a digital marketing role for a local footwear company, to being unemployed in what felt like an instant. I know how hard it can be applying to lots of jobs and hearing nothing back, I was there myself. I was fortunate to know people in recruitment and got some great advice on my CV as well as some tips for interview preparation which helped. Eventually, I found the job here at mustard, after reading about the company's creative background I was hooked and applied immediately. 

The past few months have been interesting, to say the least, but everyone here at mustard has made each step along the way a lot easier. Like a lot of people, I came into the office after the Christmas break ready to start the New Year with a spring in my step. It felt great to be back in working again, and after a great start, we were placed into another lockdown. I've been working from home for a week so far and felt it'd be good to offer some advice for others doing the same. It can be tempting to roll out of bed as you're meant to start but I've found it beneficial to stick to the same routine I had whilst in the office. The time you'd normally spend commuting can be used to help plan and prepare for the day ahead making your workload a lot more manageable. I've also found using software like Microsoft Teams to be essential whilst working from home, not only does it keep everyone up to date with deals being made in the office, but also allowing you to catch up with colleagues is great to maintain the social environment we're used to. A great example would be this year's Christmas social, though I think there's another blog worth of stories so I'll save that for another day.

From our perspective, clients are operating business as usual which is great news for those looking for a new job. I've also noticed many candidates who used the gap in employment to focus on widening their skill set, a great mentality to have which is sure to pay off in the long run. The December-January period can vary year to year in recruitment, but given the current circumstances, the job market is showing clear signs of strength and recovery. For those looking for a new job in the creative sector in the South-West feel free to reach out to me, or for those in London get in touch with Team Leader Hannah Lawry. If you're interested in starting your career in recruitment, please reach out to my colleague Charlie Turner to find out more about life here at mustard.

This blog was written by Alex Harrison, Recruitment Consultant - mustard MD. For all things Marketing & Design, Graphics & Digital in the South West, whether you are a client or a candidate - Alex can be reached on 0117 284 0068 or at!

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