Do 3D Visualisers Have a Safe Future in Architecture?


From conversations I am having with clients and candidates, there is a lot of talk being thrown around about the necessity of Visualisers as specialists in their field. The crux of the argument being based on the ability to use Revit and BIM as all-in-one software: technical drawing, modelling, and rendering. But also, the push we are seeing towards immersive technologies and the growth of them becoming commonplace in the architectural visualisation market.

With the growth in what certain software offer, does it make the use of Visualisers relevant? With Architects able to access and produce visuals themselves (albeit to a lesser render quality), is it just another string to their bow? Another skillset in the design process which becomes second nature. Much the same can be said about Immersive, once the render quality of Unreal improves to match the quality of V-ray/Corona, is it relevant for Visualisers to be still producing shots and stills in different software to what COULD become the industry norm? Some questions must be asked about how visualisation can stay relevant, stay needed, stay in the loop of architectural processes, and not become overlooked.

On the flip side of the coin, Architectural Visualisers offer the quality and expertise which cannot always be achieved by an Architect (who are highly skilled in their own right). If you want an image to be hyper-realistic, an image which sets you apart from your competitors in a pitch, then you need Visualisers to produce Hero shots and stills. 3D visualisation is an irreplaceable tool that ensures effective communication, allowing the simulation of a wide variety of things: acoustics, lighting, ventilation; as well as saving on other costs, namely time. Visualisers have the skills to generate images which are difficult to tell the difference between reality and 3D. Visualisers are designers, it is not something which you can turn your hand to like that, it takes time and countless hours to get to that level. It is an exciting time, with the talent coming out of universities like Bournemouth and Kent, the future is looking bright.

In my opinion, 3D visualiser will always have a safe future in Architecture, because if this year so far has taught us anything, the Industry is resilient and adapts with the time. Visualisers have already started adapting to what inevitably will become the industry norm, Immersive. More and more people are upskilling in Unreal engine/Unity/Twinmotion, producing projects, understanding its inner workings, and putting people “into” experiences. Staying relevant now is no mean feat, the industry has become stagnant and stuck in a rut of doing things a certain way, “if it isn’t broke, why fix it”. But we are seeing progress being made and companies investing in their new technologies, which means investment in their people. Even though it is hard to tell how long this pandemic will last, the world and the ArchVIZ industry will find a way to come out of this stronger and more prepared for the next round.

If you are looking to expand your company or looking to make more strategic hires for the future, or someone looking for a change from your current role, get in contact. I spend my day talking to people who are of a similar mind to yourself and are excited by what the future of Architectural Visualisation holds.

This blog was written by Thomas Knock, Recruitment Consultant - mustard VIZ. Thom specailises in Visualisation & CGI, if you are a candidate or a client and wish to speak with Thom, please contact him on either 0117 284 0074 or at 

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