It’s Christmas Season...Like no other….


Usually this time of year there we are well into the “work” Christmas season…. That time of year where turning up to work on a Tuesday morning with a hangover, sausage McMuffin and coffee can almost be justified. 

Social interaction will be missing this year, whether it’s drinking with the workmates, catching up with someone you haven’t seen all year for a Christmas beer….or the mega work Christmas party…..Either way, until you can’t do it you don’t realise how much you would miss it!

While planning the virtual get together this year we’ve been reminiscing about years gone by at mustard and here are our top ten of do’s and dont's of all things work-related for the normal Christmas Season…..

10) Hangovers 

Everyone knows having a hangover at work affects your performance but what is a justifiable number for the Christmas season…. rule of thumb.. up to 5 and you are probably doing OK…. 10 and over…. You probably need to have a word with yourself!

9) Secret Santa 

Important to “judge the room” with this one. If you get the “boss” in the annual draw, it might be worth reconsidering that mug that says “TW*T” on the bottom….. it will always come out who had who down the pub!


8) Christmas Cakes/Biscuits 

Most people take a well-earned break from diets and healthy eating, so what better way to be an office legend than bringing in the Christmas cakes.

7) The Grinch 

There is always one in the office…don’t be that person. Always moaning about the Christmas tunes, busy shops and having to buy presents. Spread some joy, it rubs off on people!

6) The Christmas Party 

Fraught with dangers this one…. do I go, don’t I go? The general rule of thumb is to make the effort, you never know you might form that long-lasting work relationship that could propel your career to the next level or make a buddy so that work is much more enjoyable for the next few years! But be warned……


5) Christmas party do’s/dont's 

The list here is endless and could form its own blog….do have a good time, don’t get too drunk, do chat to people you don’t normally get a chance to speak with, don’t use it as chance to tell your manager how you think the company should be run…. We could go on and on……but remember the biggie, snogging your boss on the dancefloor at the end of the night is not and never will be a good idea!

4) Wish your clients Happy Christmas 

Get out there and spread some joy, you never know that tough client you have been trying to crack all year might be a real Christmas softy and appreciate the call.

3) Christmas Jumper day 

This has become a staple for many businesses to get the team spirit going in Christmas season…. Take it on the chin and get involved, after all, you won’t be the only one in the room looking like a plonker!


2) Take a well-earned break 

If you have been grafting hard all year it’s a great time to really take a break from work, recharge the batteries and come back pumped for the New Year. Most businesses go a little slower this time of year, the Christmas break should be a chance to switch off from work.

1) Reflect on what you have achieved 

This time of year is a great chance to be positive & remember what you have achieved over the last 12 months. 2020 has been a shit show of a year for so many people but there are always positives to pull from adversity. Set some goals for the year ahead, write them down and look forward to 2021 which is going to be a blast!!

Mustard is practicing what they preach this year. Our last official day in the office is 18th December and we’ll be taking a break after that to come back ready to fill all your New Year briefs with a spring in our step!

Have a good one folks!

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It’s Christmas Season...Like no other….

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