Marketing: Free Online Courses to Upskill


I want to start this blog off by saying that I am Marketing Recruitment Consultant without a background in marketing. I can already sense the shock and horror I’ll get from saying that, but I want you hear me out. I’ve learned a lot from speak to clients, candidates, and reading the plethora of articles from and The Drum etc. I can only teach myself so much about the industry and that is why I have decided that to become a better recruiter I need to do marketing courses.

With the job market still being quite bleak, not everyone can afford £5000 courses to upskill, myself included. I have gathered a list of FREE resources that I have come across that would be incredibly beneficial for all my marketing candidates out there who are on a budget and are looking to upskill.

1. Google – Offers quite a few courses in marketing but their holy grail is their certified ‘Fundamentals in Digital Marketin’– Great for Junior Marketers

2. Hubspot – Amazing resource for certification courses

  • Social Media Marketing Course: Get Certified in Social Media Strategy - View Here

  • Content Marketing Course: Get Certified in Content Marketing - View Here

  • Email Marketing Course: Get Certified in Email Marketing - View Here

3. Copyblogger – Do an informative course on internet marketing without the waffle 

  • Introducing Internet Marketing for Smart People - View Here

4. Facebook – Have a variety of different certification courses to become a better marketer on Facebook - View Here


5. Canva – Everyone’s favourite not photoshop software have courses ranging from personal branding to basic graphic design - View Here


6. Skillshare – If you’ve been on you YouTube, you’ve probably seen a couple of your favourite creators being sponsored by skillshare but it’s actually a really good source for upskilling

  • Copywriting 101: Crafting Your First Ad Campaign is a fan favourite - View Here

These are a few of my favourite free resources that I am and will continue to do in my spare time. There are still loads out there from the likes of, and so you will never run out of free resources to learn. I understand that looking for a job is already a full time job in itself but sometimes it’s good to keep your sanity by doing a couple courses to upskill and upgrade your resume. I wish you all the best into becoming a better marketer!

This blog was written by Jenny Hughes, Recruitment Consultant - mustard MD. For all things Client Services & Marketing, please reach her on either 0117 284 0066 or at 

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