Archie Harvey Promoted to Associate Director


Some good news coming out of mustard this week as we announce the promotion of Archie Harvey to Associate Director.

Massive congratulations to Archie who has been an integral part of the mustard team for nearly 6 years now.

“Having come through the ranks at mustard Archie has been a consistent high achiever in the business” comments mustard Director Peter Browne, “More recently however with the diversification of our business Archie has been influential in helping to define the strategy, brand and growth of the mustard XP division. This promotion is well earned for both performance, loyalty and potential. When the dust settles from the current pandemic we see the mustard XP division as a real area for continued growth and we need the right structure formalised in our business to capitalise on this”

Events, Exhibitions, Experiential and now Virtual all need a highly specialised set of skills and staff to make them happen. mustard XP is a proven partner to many of the leading agencies and brands in this sector.

Archie had this to say “After 6 years of working in recruitment, more specifically recruiting for the experiential industries,  I feel as energised and excited now by what lies ahead for mustardXP, as I did when I moved into this space. The impact this pandemic has had on not only the events industry but so many others, I see as another challenge to overcome and do what I can to support businesses and job seekers. Over the last few years I have been building a team of highly knowledgeable and capable consultants that share this vision, with plenty of scope for more to join us as we move into 2021. 

Over the years I have seen the industry blossom into a powerhouse of the UK’s economy, arguably providing the worlds best creative and delivery talent. It saddens me to see many of these seasoned professionals out of work currently, however we will be here to assist and guide you along the way as much as we can. The door is always open. With the industry pivoting into Virtual, so have we. Looking to 2021 and the future, I feel mustardXP has a strong and relevant positioning in the Hybrid space. Can’t wait to see how much further we can go here!

Thank you to mustard for providing me with the platform to go out and forge a pathway for myself in an industry I love supplying talent for. I speak to and work with amazingly talented people and businesses in the UK and abroad. So this, applied with the daily / weekly challenges recruitment throws at you makes this next chapter with mustardXP all the more exciting. The future looks bright, bring it on!”

For information on how mustard XP can support your business or job search please download the latest media kit from the division here:

Mustard XP Media Kit download

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