Market Update - mustard BE


For people who do not know me, I have been looking after architectural recruitment in the North for over a year at mustard. From what I’ve seen, the market is picking up again. Yes, there are days where nothing seems to be moving and everything is on hold, but each week is looking better. Businesses are adjusting much quicker to local lockdown restrictions and projects are ticking over. The healthcare sector has been dominating the last months and we have seen an increase in new positions. There has also been a recent uptick in Residential and Commercial schemes. Meanwhile, it is no secret that the Leisure sector has been hit hard and it will take a while to recover. 

There are still fewer contract roles than we anticipated. That might be due to the ‘Part time furlough’ scheme, which will come to an end on 31st October 2020, so November/December might show an increase in contract numbers.

To end things on a positive note, works on the £54m Littlewoods Film Studios Development in Liverpool will start at the end of the year, as will many other projects.

This blog was provided by Aylin Round, Aylin manages the North West desk under mustard BE, to contact her please get in touch on 0117 284 0078 or email her at!

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