Market Update - mustard BE


After an encouraging period of time post lockdown/early summer we experienced a slight drop in new jobs coming through. This, however, is a fairly typical trend throughout August be it during a terrifying global pandemic or not.

Referring to regional differences in the BE team- we’re finding that companies outside of London or Urban areas have been quicker to phase employees back into the office, some with full capacity and most on a rota system with half of the employees in the office and half working from home. London remains more of a working from home environment, it’ll be interesting to see if this remains a trend in the coming years.

The majority of opportunities we have seen have been on a permanent basis and as yet we have not seen a huge influx of freelance positions. This in itself is encouraging as leaders are now able to plan ahead into the long term. We believe that freelance opportunities will still increase throughout the coming months due to the fact that there is still a lot of uncertainty in the air so one would expect companies to capitalise on short term placements to fill a need until the market settles. 

Redundancies are still occurring but not at an incredibly high rate, as a result there is still a quiet confidence across the industry. We continue to speak to high calibre candidates in this competitive environment, it’s an opportunity for targeted applications for specific skill sets and/or sector experience. 

Optimism remains, the children are back at school, September and October look set to become a post lock down benchmark for positivity in the market. Fingers crossed. 

Please direct any mustard BE queries to our teams in Bristol, London and Hong Kong, where a specialist consultant will offer confidential advice about the market in your area.

This blog was provided by Oscar Dixon-Barrow, Team Leader - mustard BE. Whether you are a client or candidate please reach out to him on 0117 284 0079 or for any hiring needs! 

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