8 June 2021

The Benefits of Freelancers

For this month’s blog, I have chosen to write about how in the current market taking onboard freelance staff can greatly benefit companies. This last month has seen the built environment sector gain a substantial increase in work and projects have now started to come back on board and companies are looking forward to the future with a lot more positivity.

With this increase in recent work, many of our clients have been exploring the option of taking on Freelancers as an alternative to hiring permanent employees. Why would you do this you ask? Well, there is a multitude of reasons that this can benefit companies and I will delve further into them throughout this blog.


Having freelance staff on your books allows you as a business to have a lot more flexibility and over the last year businesses that have been adaptable and flexible have been the ones that have prospered. Having a flexible staff force allows you to increase and reduce the number of people you have working and projects as and when required. I have also found that our clients are now looking to take on freelancers initially but, on a temp to perm contract, this allows the people who really suit the company culture and needs to stay within the business.

Quality of work

Because contractors are essentially running their own business, the work that they produce within the time they spend at a company tends to be of quite high quality. This is because if they produce good work for a company, there will likely be repeat business with them further down the line. This in turn benefits contractors and businesses because they will receive good work and be more inclined to keep people on longer-term/receiving.


Again, as a consultant working solely within the built environment sector, I am focusing on this division when I talk about freelancers. Freelancers tend to be very talented in specific aspects of architecture. Due to this when companies have a particular problem they need to be solved, sometimes it might be beneficial to bring someone who is an expert in that particular field to resolve it over a period instead of trusting it to someone who might not have the specific skillset for it.

I have also experienced multiple occasions where a company has contacted me on a Friday in which they will need someone to start immediately on a Monday. In many cases, they will take someone on board on a contract basis until they are able to find a more permanent solution.

Reducing Cashflow

How can hiring freelancers save you money in the long term? Because contractors are often equipped to work from home using their own equipment employers can reduce costs in terms of having to supply computers and software to complete the tasks they are required to do. On top of this you aren’t required to provide holiday pay for the contractors, pension plans employee benefits and more.

If you would like to discuss how you may be able to utilise Freelance workers within your company and would like some more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

This blog was written by Ellis Phillip, Recruitment Executive – mustardBE. If you have a need that could be solved by a freelancer joining your business or perhaps you’re a candidate looking for freelance work then please contact him on 0203 800 1724 / [email protected]

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The Benefits of Freelancers

For this month’s blog, I have chosen to write about how in the current market taking onboard freelance staff can greatly benefit companies. This last month has seen the built environment sector gain a substantial increase in work and projects have now started to come back on board and companies… Read More

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