8 February 2022

Biophilia, you’re so hot right now – ID trends in 2022

We’re now cruising through 2022 (is it February already?), and it’s more than time we had a closer inspection of what’s giving interior designers a racing pulse.  

At the end of last year, we had a look at how sustainability was affecting the ID industry.  This year, it’s no secret that both commercial and home ID have been affected by the pandemic, although in different ways. Although colours and materials cross over, use of space is making bold moves into something different. And like an awful lot lately, nothing’s gonna be the same, baby. 

There are also some really interesting comparisons between what’s hot in the USA and the UK. Curves are being loved on both sides of the Atlantic. So are pieces of vintage furniture – we’ve got to face it, sustainability is not only hot but necessary in today’s world.  

It’s also all about bringing the outside inside – yes, biophilia is all the rage. This means natural surfaces like stone and wood, lots of plants, and materials that blend with nature, like rattan and woven cotton and wool. 

Colour trends are moving away from earth-tone neutrals. It’s all about strong, vibrant colours and high-end wallpapers. We need to see patterns again, and we want them a little bit crazy. They’re bang on trend if they’re sticking to that biophilia concept.  

In a nutshell, everyone is looking at sustainability, quality and the longevity of products.  

A major change in clients’ mindsets has been the redistribution of space. The Covid curse has meant that there are two different wish-lists – home and office/commercial.   

Long separations from friends and family, with extended periods wandering around our family caves, has focused our attention on rooms that we barely use. Innovative designers have been chewing over the different ways in which they can be reinvented depending on how we use our homes.  

It’s not just about the obvious home office, but defined spaces. People are really after comfortable and roomy family areas that are also perfect for entertaining. And with a lot of their previous office time now spent within their own four walls, a separate, quiet place to work is essential. People need to feel that they are mentally leaving their work environment when they clock-off.  

The commute from home-office to kitchen may be extremely short, but the separation is fundamental to work-from-home sanity.  

This new arrangement has also affected change in the redistribution of office space. In the States, interior designers are reporting that companies are driving towards keeping employees safe and healthy. Good to hear. But bosses are also dealing with the new reality of shared offices, with no designated area for one person. Former Household Advice editor Nora Mitchell predicts that “unassigned, shared community space is going to be very successful in 2022. This breaks down the barriers of cubicle type office space and coincides with [a] more work-from-home type of atmosphere.” We can see this easily becoming a huge worldwide trend.  

There’s a lot going on, and it’s presenting challenging yet exciting projects for the ID sector. With this in mind, it’s time for us all to do some serious homework on sustainability as the long-term partner of all ID trends. 2022 has already prepared itself with a host of trailblazing events that will inspire and push innovation in our industry. The BIID publishes a constantly updated list here. So book yourself in, and see you there. 

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