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Could recruitment be the job for you?


Katie Hooper, Talent and Acquisition Manager

Katie Hooper, mustard Jobs Talent Acquisition and Training Manager, discusses the role of a recruitment consultant and why it could be relevant for you.

Recruiting and hiring the right people is by far the most important part of any company business plan. People are the largest investment any company will make into its future and the workforce always has and always will be the deciding factor in whether a business fails or succeeds. From the boardroom down to the bottom level, it's the actions of people that determine profits and allow companies to establish a competitive advantage as well as a great brand. 

That’s why we only recruit the best, we are proud of our employees and at mustard we invest in our employee’s futures.This is why we think we are the ‘go to’ agency for support, growth and development. We offer a great pathway to success, personal financial gain and build your confidence along the way.

So let’s flip the coin… why should you look at recruitment as a career?

You literally change people’s lives - your guidance is imperative, your clients and candidates listen to you – you are the expert, the consultant, the guiding source

Recruiting is the number 1 in business impact – what a feeling to be one of the most important cogs in the business, knowing you have an impact gives a superb feeling of job satisfaction
You will be the face of the company – create your own personal brand, you are mustard, you are the brand, you personally will be wanted if you are the best in the business

The competition is exciting – challenging yourself is the first step to job satisfaction, beating the competition is the main sign of hunger, determination and success

An opportunity to meet the best - meeting the best candidates and clients from all walks of life, relationship building and networking – it’s a job like no other

An opportunity to interact with management – when can you talk to CEO’s or MD in everyday life?  You will learn from them too and you will also establish yourself as a professional within the highest of circles

Freedom and control – you run your desk as if it is your own business, you account manage, you sell your services, you look after your clients and candidates and you have the freedom to let the job take you wherever you are willing to push it

Good pay and job opportunities – it’s a job like no other for rewards and incentives and you also get a great basic!  You are surrounded by likeminded individuals and at mustard we encourage, support and cheer when you do well!

It only takes meeting a handful of top recruiters over coffee to understand that they are among the friendliest, engaging, intelligent, and innovative corporate people you will ever meet. They almost universally love their job and the impact that they have. They take great pride in their profession and if you become a recruiter, you will too.

At mustard we are expanding, and we are looking to take on the next employee to be part of our growing list of stories of success. To be part of our team you will need to be driven, focused, you will have the ability to naturally convere with people at all levels. You ideally will have some phone experience and or sales experience and will be keen to expand your knowledge and business acumen. Listening to advice is a key element of getting yourself off the ground and we have a whole team of experienced consultants that will support and guide you.

We have invested heavily in our training academy so you are supported every step of the way. You will be put on a structured training plan which allows you to learn, refresh or just upskill – everybody needs to learn more, right?
Currently we are recruiting all levels of staff from Senior to Trainees, we also have some recently created spaces for Apprentices to join us. The desks we are recruiting for include:
Our construction sector, this is a growing and buoyant industry and could this be where you make your success? 
Our creative sector, predominantly working and managing the ‘Graphic Design’ desk – do you have an interest or passion for creative? This could be the desk for you! 
We are also imminently looking for a Senior UX/UI Consultant to work this busy desk and patch. We need someone who is wanting to push themselves to the next level with mustard jobs. The future is yours to make and opportunities there for the taking.
This list is not exhaustive, and we are happy to meet and speak to people who have the ambition to get into the fantastic world of recruitment. Who knows, the move you make after reading this could lead you into career of a lifetime.
Get in touch, we offer a no pressure, confidential opportunity to find out more. Contact Katie Hooper on 0117 284 0077 or 07837 181 912 or

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