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Insight: Why use a Recruitment Agent?


Insight mustard jobs

Why use a recruitment consultancy, specifically, mustard?

The jobs market is hotting up as we move on in to 2018. Most companies are hiring and finding good staff across all sectors of the economy is difficult.
Dave Madden, Co-Founder of mustard, outlines a few reasons to utilise the services of a Partner Recruitment Agency such as mustard......hopefully to overcome some of the standard objections, such as "All you do is forward CV's and you charge so much!"
Without trying to say everything that goes on in a busy recruitment consultancy, here are a few points that can help overcome some of your early reservations.
The ability to identify talent
It's not just about who applies to the job but who is right for the opportunity. A good recruiter shouldn't just be telling you who is available and if they live close by, but why they are right for your business, why they will make a difference in the long run and not just fill a seat in the short.
Industry insight and expert sector knowledge
Your consultant at mustard spends all their time understanding your market. From opportunity right now to what might be happening in the future. They are speaking with the Directors who run your competitors businesses day in day out, and of course networking through the candidates that work at these firms.
Time Saving
Have you considered how long it will take to write an advert & post it, wait for response, read & consider all applications, respond to all applicants, 1st interview, feedback, 2nd interview, offer, negotiate and hope that it is accepted. Then wait while their current employer does everything to keep their prize asset.
Employer Brand and Marketing
The best way of selling your business is by a 3rd party and having a specialist recruiter proactively marketing your firm. This will only help your profile in the marketplace even if you don't have a PR firm pushing your news. 
The clue is in the title. A short list rather than a long one! Selecting a small number of applicants on brief as opposed to hundreds of irrelevant advert responses.
A partner in negotiation
If you haven't seen the benefit so far then this is really where you will find worth. No one likes to talk money as it seems a little rude or uncouth if you will. Where a good consultant comes into their own is the ability to get the best deal for both parties. Candidates feel the offer is appropriate for their skills and experience, whilst clients feel that it is good value for money based upon the brief.
With a close working relationship all of the above becomes smoother, easier, simpler as your specialist consultant knows what you need before you do! Or perhaps will anticipate market forces which could be to your advantage.
There is a lot in between these points. These points can be read in any order and they aren't numbered for a can leverage as many or as few as you want. 
Feel free to call or email me to discuss how mustard can firstly advise and help with your recruitment challenges. With over 17 years' experience I feel sure I can offer some insight!
Dave Madden FIRP, Director and Co-Founder of mustard. 0203 587 7730 or

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